Appointment waiting times
• Dr Johansson will always endeavour to see you as soon as possible. For urgent matters, please inform the staff and we will try to accommodate.

Consultation Fees
• Initial (first) consultations are billed at $300 ($78.05 rebate from Medicare)
• Subsequent consultations within 12 months are billed at $180 ($39.25 rebate from Medicare)
• Procedures performed in the consultation rooms, such as IUD insertion or removal, colposcopy, biopsies and minor surgical procedures, will incur additional charges.

Payment Methods
• We accept cash and card payments

What to bring to your appointment
For Dr Johansson to provide a thorough assessment of your condition, please bring the following to your appointment:
• a GP referral letter
• any X-Rays, Ultrasound/CT/MRI scans related to your condition, including the reports
• any relevant medical records and details of long-term medications

Surgical Procedure Costs
Most of our patients will prefer to have their surgery performed in a private hospital. The fees for surgery depend on what procedure(s) are involved as the surgery needs to be tailored for each individual patient. There will usually be a gap payment for surgery in private hospitals and you will receive a quote for your fees prior to your surgery. Other fees associated with your surgery are the Anaesthetist fee, Assistant Surgeon fee and Pathology fee for processing of any surgical specimens. Medicare and/or your health fund may partially reimburse some of these fees.

Medicare eligible patients without private health insurance may choose to have surgery performed in a public hospital. Dr Johansson currently operates on public patients at Liverpool Hospital. You will be under the care of Dr Johansson and her Fellows and Registrars in the public hospital. The waiting list for surgery in the public hospital is longer (approximately 6-12 months for non-urgent conditions) than private hospitals.